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Publications in international journals Scopus or WoS

The presence of articles in international journals that are officially included in international citation databases is important for building a strong reputation in the scientific community. Publication in Scopus or Web Of Science is necessary for the researcher to participate in international grant projects in Russia and abroad.

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Our achievements

Work experience more than 5 years
A modern approach to the selection of publications, analytics
Individual work with each client
Work with the author continues until the full confirmation of its publication in Scopus magazine

What is included in the article publishing service in Scopus or WoS?

Free technical and scientific analysis of the provided article.
Free translation quality assessment for articles to be published in English.
Recommendations regarding the technical, scientific or language revision of the material.
Selection of suitable publications from citation bases Scopus or Web Of Science
Check the relevance of the characteristics of the selected journal.
Communication with foreign editors.
Maintenance of the manuscript at all stages of its review.
Informing authors about the status of the article.
Providing documents for reporting with the necessary information and information about the journal, for example, on acceptance for review or publication.
The design of the article (including a list of references and in-text links) in accordance with the requirements of a scientific publication.
Tracking the materials after confirming their publication and providing the authors with a link to the published article or its pdf version.

Stages of preparing a scientific article

Getting an article to publish on Scopus

Scientific analysis of the article is carried out by scientists of the corresponding scientific field.

We conclude a written agreement on the provision of publishing services for your article in Scopus. The contract is executed in duplicate, and is sealed.

If necessary, we translate the article into English, edit the article, draw up a list of references according to all international standards. Scopus publications are selected individually for each scientific article.

Publish an article. We are waiting for confirmation of the acceptance of your article for publication.

Popular research areas

Medical journals

Technical journals

Law Magazines

Economical magazines

Additional services

Translation cost per page:
(A4 format, 14 frights, one and a half interval (1.5)) from Russian to English. The translation is carried out by a native speaker with knowledge of the terminology of the publication proceedings:

Proofreading and proofreading of the article in accordance with the rules for the design of the article of the publication, the design of the list of references, negotiating with the editors of the journal and reviewers:
270 USD

Warranties from the publisher

Magazines proposed to the author, checked for presence in Scopus databases

If it is impossible to fulfill the goals – refund to the author

Also, the presence of an article in the official publication is one of the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the research institutes and higher educational institutions, which is indicated in the provisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Publications in these citation databases are equivalent to publications in publications from the list of Higher Attestation Commission, which is important for obtaining a scientific degree and academic title to employees and teachers of universities, doctoral students, graduate students and applicants

Scopus (Elsevier) and Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) are official international citation databases, each of which includes more than 20,000 scientific journals in all areas of scientific activity. Most journals are published in English, in which case correspondence with the editors of the journal is also conducted in English. Before accepting an article for publication in Scopus or Web Of Science, the manuscript is subject to mandatory review by the editorial board of the journal, the term for consideration of the work can be from 3 months to 1 year.

Professional Journals