Impact factor of Scopus magazines (Scopus)

The international abstract base for scientific citation Scopus (Scopus) contains lists of scientific journals and also displays their rating and significance in the scientific community. One of the main indicators of the citation base is the impact factor, which serves as a fairly objective way of assessing the quality of magazines.

What is the impact factor, and how to determine the impact factor of a magazine in Scopus (Scopus)?

The bibliographic database contains more than 40 million publications, about 18 thousand scientific publications on technical, medical and humanitarian sciences are indexed, about 5 thousand scientific publishers publish their publications. Before getting into the citation base, all published articles undergo a thorough check for plagiarism and peer review by relevant specialists in a specific field of knowledge.

The impact factor Scopus (Scopus) is used to show the significance of a scientific journal. It is the ratio of the number of citations of the journal and the number of articles published in it. The result is the average number of citations of a particular journal, which shows how often citations from this journal are mentioned in other scientific journals within two years after the publication of the article.

Having learned the impact factor of the magazine and comparing it with other publications, you can clearly see how significant, authoritative and popular the selected edition is. This helps to decide on a journal to publish your own article.

Importance of journal impact factor in Scopus.

The impact factor Scopus is calculated for scientific publications and is of great importance in assessing the importance of scientific research. Authors of scientific publications that are highly cited also benefit, for example, when applying for a job in the scientific field, obtaining a higher academic rank, a greater likelihood of an invitation to a conference or an open lecture at a foreign university.

In order to achieve a high indicator of the impact factor, all authors need to pay special attention to their scientific articles and submit really significant, original, new and substantiated materials for publication.

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