Scopus Database (Scopus)

Scientists are constantly wondering: how to find reliable data and high-quality scientific materials among a huge amount of various scientific information, to get acquainted with specialists who deal with similar or related problems?

Only with the help of authoritative sources can you get the most complete and accurate information on a topic of interest. Internet users have access to many scientific publications and abstract materials, in particular the Scopus database.

The Scopus database is the largest international scientific citation database. Scopus indexes materials that have been published in more than 20,000 publications worldwide. The resource provides access to information on tens of thousands of publications, covering all kinds of scientific and interdisciplinary areas. The database includes highly specialized and interdisciplinary journals that publish articles on natural-scientific, technical or social-humanitarian issues.

Therefore, the publication of an article in an international scientific journal, which is indexed in the Scopus citation database, is becoming increasingly popular both for graduate students starting their scientific career and respected professors who have many domestic and foreign publications behind them.

The publication of copyright material in the journal Scopus (Scopus)

Scientific publication is an integral element of scientific activity at any stage of research. At the same time, a scientific article can have various topics and contain: statistical results of sociological studies; discoveries of archaeologists and anthropologists; thoughts of representatives of various philosophical schools; the latest developments of devices and apparatuses; a description of the processes for the development of methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases; plant and animal breeding, and much more. Regardless of the direction of scientific activity chosen by the author, when publishing his materials, three main parameters must be taken into account: the recognition of the selected publication in the scientific world, adequate publication dates, and the indexation of publications in the Scopus database.

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