Journals included in Scopus in 2018

Scopus database is one of the largest and most authoritative databases of bibliographic and abstract scientific materials in the world. It indexes journals that have a different scientific orientation – the exact sciences and the humanities. Material that was published in an indexed publication (regardless of the science-metric indicator) is considered more significant than an article in any other publication. Therefore, any scientific work submitted by the author for consideration for publication in such publications undergoes a very strict selection and review.

Indexing an article in Scopus

Magazines indexed by Scopus are accessed on the official website after careful selection. Responsible for the verification process are specialists from Elsevier, a world leader in the field of scientific information products and services. The company is also one of the four largest publishers in the world.

Careful selection and quality control of scientific materials in the database of Scopus journals requires cooperation with respected scientists as reviewers, which leads to a high level of publications and an appropriate level of publications.

All these components set a very high standard for the development of international scientific and interdisciplinary research, an integral part of which is the publication of the results of various studies.

The list of Scopus magazines is constantly changing, updated with new editions. The magazines that entered Scopus in 2018 will soon appear in the public domain on the official website. In addition, several times a year, lists of those publications whose indexation is discontinued are updated.

Usually, the cessation of publication indexation is associated with the conduct of unscrupulous activities by the journal staff, for example, charging for publication, suspiciously fast review periods, which may indicate its absence or unreasonably high publication activity. The list of “unscrupulous publications” usually indicates the reason for the suspension of indexation, which may soon resume as a result of the elimination of identified problems.

The process of pausing indexing can affect absolutely any journal. Authors need to know that an article published in a publication at the time of its indexation in Scopus does not stop indexing within the framework of this issue of the journal.

Publication of an article in a journal indexed by Scopus

The publication of his own article in Scopus is an indicator of the importance of a scientist for international science. The scientist who published his article in one of the journals of the Scopus database makes a significant contribution to international science and practice, the results of his work are interesting and in demand in the world, as well as accessible to a wide circle of his colleagues from different countries.

Publication in a publication indexed by Scopus expands and opens up new opportunities for researchers: to receive an invitation to an international conference or an open lecture at a foreign university, to become a reviewer in an authoritative scientific journal, and many other perspectives. The more articles the author published in Scopus magazines, the higher his status as an authoritative expert in the chosen field of knowledge.

Authors who have prepared scientific materials for publication are encouraged to review the latest list of 2018 Scopus journals. This is necessary in order to make sure that the publication belongs to reliable sources or to select a magazine suitable for publication from the list of relevant and indexed in Scopus.

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