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Every day, scientists around the world contribute to the development of various scientific fields. The databases Scopus (Scopus) and WoS (Web of Sites) give them the opportunity not only to publish their works, but also to be read by other scientists to achieve progress in their activities, to be recognized in the scientific community as authors of reliable and important materials.

When performing research and preparing materials for publication, the author is faced with the need to study a huge amount of information and solve complex, sometimes interdisciplinary, tasks. For effective scientific work, you can invite a colleague to collaborate, which makes it possible to distribute the load and areas of activity. As a result, an article published in co-authorship will be guaranteed to have the high quality of the materials presented, and, as a result, to be cited by other scientists. This has a positive effect on the image of the scientist and his career advancement.

A publication co-authored is a work on the creation of which two or more scientists worked. Scientists who already have success in science in a certain necessary field of knowledge can take part in a joint study. This is the main criterion when searching for co-authors to publish an article in the scientometric database Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Saints). To comply with the legal relations between the co-authors, a written agreement is drawn up that defines all the details of cooperation (rights and obligations of the parties). In addition, it is necessary to comply with scientific ethics, that is, the regulation of relations and the size of the contribution to science of each co-author, which is also covered in the contract. At registration, the publication of Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Sites) co-authored by the first author determines the one who led the project to a greater extent and made the main scientific discoveries, the rest of the authors are indicated below in accordance with their achievements in the formation of the scientific article.

Each scientist once thought about collaborating with colleagues to write a joint scientific work, therefore, we will consider several reasons for publication in co-authorship:

  1. The materials you have prepared are planned to be published in the scientometric databases Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Sites), but the publication requires significant financial resources, which can be difficult at the moment, and the article is needed right now. Collaborators can help pay for these costs, and you will get the desired result.
  2. To complete your research, you must go to another country, this is not always appropriate from an economic point of view and may take a long time to find support and help in solving the problem. Collaboration will help you out, and the goal can be achieved online without any long trips. If you still decide to visit your colleagues abroad, you will get the opportunity to purposefully get to the scientific laboratory you need, where the co-authors will help you quickly and accurately acquire the missing knowledge.
  3. Scientific work is at the “intersection of sciences” and requires the evaluation of scientists of another field of knowledge or research, in which the author is “weak”. For accurate and reliable interpretation of data from another scientific field, the co-authors who specialize in it will help.
  4. You are a young specialist and do not have enough material for an independent article in Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Sites), but you are ready to work with materials from other authors. Therefore, helping your co-authors in scientific work, you get a quality publication and invaluable experience.

Our company “?” Takes into account all possible options and helps to find one or more scientists in order to publish in collaboration with Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Saints). We will find co-authors for young scientists or scientists who are not ready to bear the financial costs of a turnkey publication service. Also, we will help to find foreign colleagues dealing with similar topics. We guarantee a successful result in the joint work of researchers of various fields of knowledge to create a scientific project at the “intersection of sciences”. Many years of experience shows that all calls to us have the desired result.

When filling out an application for publication of an article in Scopus (Scopus) or WoS (Web of Sites), the author may indicate in the comment that he is ready to act as a co-author when creating other scientific materials. This will help in a short time to find scientists to work together.

Additionally, article design and editing services are provided; checking the text for uniqueness or plagiarism; professional academic translation into the required language.

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