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The Internet is the most popular source of information, including scientific. Sometimes only with the help of the Internet can one find complete overview information in a certain scientific direction. Daily searches are aimed at tracking various information, but it is not always possible to quickly and easily find authoritative and reliable scientific material.

For all those involved in research, an indispensable tool is the Web of Science citation framework. It is intended for scientists who need to keep abreast of the latest trends in world scientific research. The WOS database allows you to quickly select an on-line bibliography exclusively among reliable sources of information.

Web of Science as a tool for writing a scientific article

Web of Science is a review database (WoS database) that contains information about publications in indexed periodicals and conference proceedings. Magazines that are indexed in WoS are devoted to various pressing issues of technical, natural, humanitarian and social sciences, therefore the database is multidisciplinary.

The WoS publication database is one of the most authoritative and complete repositories of bibliographic scientific materials. It is a useful and convenient tool for creating a complete literary review when writing a scientific work of any level.

Despite the fact that it does not provide for access to the full texts of articles, the reader is given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the source data of the publication of interest or a magazine indexed in the database.

The user sees the title, annotation and keywords of the selected article. Further, on the basis of the information received, it may decide on the need to read the full text of the publication. Therefore, when writing an article, special attention should be paid to the design of these three components.

How can a Russian scientist post his material in the Web of Science database

Currently, the authors are faced with the urgent need to place their scientific materials in international citation databases, as well as the complexity and duration of this process. Most scientists cannot get a positive decision to publish an article in an indexed journal the first time. Difficulties are associated with the length of the process of selecting a journal, waiting for a review and a decision by the editor-in-chief, often a revision of the manuscript is required, or even a refusal will follow. Sometimes the whole process is complicated by the need for communication with the editorial board in English.

Despite this, indexing an article in the international citation database Web of Science (Web of Science) makes it possible to demonstrate the results of his scientific activities to the whole world, increase the status of a scientist and expand his bibliography by a foreign publication in an authoritative publication.

Therefore, we will be happy to help you as easily as possible through all the stages of registration, submission and publication of scientific materials, and you will have an article posted in the international citation database. We suggest that you leave a request for consideration of your scientific materials, and perhaps your article will replenish the collection of the WoS database.

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